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I am 18 years old and I discovered my passion for human rights activism at age 14. I founded reLOVE National a few days after my 16th birthday because I have a strong passion for assisting my peers through the challenges that we may face, especially teenage pregnancy. I believe that nonjudgmental, unconditional, and unlimited love, support, and education is key to loving and reloving all human beings. In my free time I enjoy coffee, concerts, traveling, and photography.

purity thomas

Executive Director

amanda kallas

Director of Outreach

I'm an extroverted empath, which is a fancy way of saying that I love people. This touches everything I do and it's why I am a pro-life advocate, because I believe in giving that love to all humans wherever possible. As a Christian I believe in loving my neighbor as myself, and as a libertarian I believe in the non-aggression principle. This undergirds my personal philosophy of the dignity of the individual - which includes the mother and extends to the unborn child. I'm proud to be a part of the reLOVE team where we do exactly that!


I am 17 years old and committed to the consistent life ethic cause, especially when it comes to helping mothers in need! I love to read, sing, and listen to music in my free time, and I’m also studying to become a nurse midwife at Texas Christian University!

taniya smith

Social Media Director

I love debating, philosophy, writing, chipotle, and most importantly helping women become the best versions of themselves. I believe that we are capable of helping our community no matter what their background or life story is! 

claudia ariza

Team Member

I am a student at Mary Baldwin University majoring in biology. I am the Vice President of the LGBT club on campus, a member of the MBU choir, and an active participant of the interfaith club. I love to draw, play the piano, and read.

nadia martin

Team Member
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