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At reLOVE National, we are a team of teenagers and young adults here to accept, assist, and educate our peers! We want to advocate for equality and humanity; fight for love and peace; and work to create a non-violent atmosphere. We want to work towards a society that accepts all, no matter their size, location, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or ability and we want to help build an army of love that spreads love, respect, compassion, and kindness to all human beings. 

We want to assist and coach our peers through the different and difficult challenges they may face by being a friend and someone to talk to so they know that they are not alone and connect them to resources and assistance in their area. 

All while sticking to our roots and focusing on teenage pregnancy and sexual health leading with education based on science and facts. We will continue to offer assistance and emotional support to pregnant and parenting teenage mothers and connect them to resources in the United States. 

reLOVE has no political or religious agenda or affiliation. We welcome all thoughts, ideas, and viewpoints!



Visit our blog! Here we share our thoughts on trends; offer relationship and friendship advice; and provide knowledge and education on social topics that are sometimes hard to discuss, all from a teenage and young adult perspective.



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